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S.T.E.A.M. stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math.

Science is about why. Why do things work the way they do? Science starts with asking a question and then imaging an answer. From the imagining, you go on to testing your idea. More often than not, the cycle repeats many times. The scientific method - asking why, imagining, testing and repeating - helps people uncover the reasons behind the answers to the why. Scientists are responsible for discovering natural laws or rules that govern the universe. We learn about these laws in science class.



Technology is defined as the application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes, purposes like making machines, computers, cars, toys, etc.

Technology Projects

Engineering is, in its most basic definition, the science of building things through science and technology. Engineers are responsible for designing all that is built based on science laws. We depend on engineers to design absolutely everything we use: the houses where we live, the cars we drive, the foods we eat, the medicines we take, our computers and phones, our cities, our roads - you name it and chances are it was designed by an engineer. Engineering Page


Art is a creative pursuit. We associate art with painting, music, literature and dance just to name a few. Art is really about using your imagination and being creative, two things very important to science and engineering. Artists also use science knowledge in their work, it is important for a photographer to understand how a cmaera lense works or for a painter to understand color theory.

Math is 2+2=4. Math is the perimeter of a room. Math is the order or numbers. Math is a fraction. Math is a measurement. Math is algebra. Math is calculus. Math is complex numbers. Math is fast Fourier transforms. Math is defined as the abstract science of number, quantity and space. It can be studied or applied to other disciplines like science and engineering.

Math Projects

We use math and art in both science and engineering. We use and develop technology in both science and engineering.