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Pom Pom Launcher
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This is also a 5th grade project!

Challenge your students to create a Pom Pom launcher by using every day items! Hand your students a mystery bag full of random items to create this launcher and watch as they problem-solve, invent and think outside the box!

This is the original link where we found this activity.

Recommended Grade 4th grade
Sciece Topic Making
Learning Outcomes

1. Failing-Up
2. Practicing patience
3. Innovation
4. Problem-solving


It is up to you how much you want to put in each bag!
-Pom poms
-Large index cards
-Paper drinking cups
-Drinking straws
-Rubber bands
-Paper clips
-Brown paper bags

1. Assemble all mystery bags (1 per student)


1. Introduce the activity to the students
2. Empty one of the bags to show them the materials they have available
3. Give them 2 minutes of silent brainstorming time before beginning
4. Send them to their seats and give them 10-13 minutes of building time
5. Meet back together for each student to demonstrate their launcher

1. Talk about Failing-up
2. Have them share what was hard and how they overcame it
3. Have them share what they would do differently if they were to do this activity again

Time Estimation: 30-45 minutes


Students started out unsure about this activity but loved it in the end!