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Helping Harry!
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This activity can also be used in 3rd grade!

In this activity your students will learn how to use every day items in a way they never have before! You will give your students a problem that they must solve in order to help Harry from being stepped on.

Recommended Grade 2nd grade
Sciece Topic Making
Learning Outcomes

1. Failing-Up
2. Practicing Patience
3. Practicing Teamwork
4. Being innovative


It is up to you to decide how much you will put in each bag!
-Pipe Cleaners
-Popsicle Sticks
-Cupcake sleeves
-Index Cards
-Brown paper bags

1. Assemble all the mystery bags (1 per group and 1 extra)
2. Make your own Harry!
3. Familiarize yourself with Harry's story


1. Please visit this link to learn why Harry needs help!
2. Break your students into pairs or groups of 3
3. Introduce the activity to your students as well as your class Harry
4. Dump out 1 of the mystery bags and show them the items that are inside, you can also write the materials on the board.
5. Send them back to their tables to brainstorm what they will make with their items.
6. After the 2 minutes, give them 5 minutes of making.
7. Do a test run after the first 5 minutes so they can see what they need to fix.
8. Give them 1 minute to think about the changes they want to make.
9. Give them another 5-7 minutes to fix their invention!
10. Do the final test for every group/pair

1. Talk about failing-up
2. Talk about the difficulties of working with a team/partner
3. Talk about whether or not the invention worked and what they would do differently

Time Estimate: 30-45 minutes


What went well..
This activity is always a success! The students love it and it is awesome to see what they created from scratch and their teamwork always seems to grow with these types of activities. It is also a good intro to making and how to think outside the box.

What we would change..
Some students are looking to make something perfect and have a hard time thinking outside the box. So talking to them about failing-up and how making is about failure and succeeding from the mistakes made prior to their success.