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Gingerbread Man Trap!
Project Description (24)

This project is pure making. This will open your students up to making and what it is. It allows students to use every day items in a way they have not before! You give your students a "real-world problem" to solve by giving them a bag of random items. This will help your students to think outside of the box and give them a chance to be creative and innovative.

Recommended Grade 1st grade
Sciece Topic Making
Learning Outcomes

1. Failing-up
2. Practicing Patience
3. Innovation
4. Learning to think outside the box


It is up to you how much you would like to put into each bag!
-Index Cards
-Popsicle Sticks
-Rubber Bands
-Gingerbread Man cut-out
-Brown paper bags

1. Gather all the supplies and assemble the "mystery bags"
2. Print and cut out whatever size Gingerbread Man you would like to use! Cut out at LEAST 1 per table (we did 1 per student and put it in their bags)


Visit the original activity here!

1. Show your students the story of the Gingerbread Man!
2. After the video talk about how we have to create a trap in order to catch the Gingerbread Man before he runs into the fox!
3. Take an extra mystery bag and show them the items inside. Tell them that they must use these items in order to create a trap! (Some students may ask to use the bag, that is up to you!)
4. Let them know they only have 10 minutes to create their trap!
5. Send them back to their tables to begin, don't forget to start the timer!
6. Have them meet in a circle together and demonstrate each of their traps.

1. Talk about failing-up
2. Talk to the students about why their traps did or did not work and what they could do next time to make their trap better

Time Estimation:30-45 minutes


What worked well..
This activity worked great! Students find their own way to an answer, there are many ways to accomplish this task. The students were so engaged and created such unique traps with the given items. We highly recommend this activity to introduce the students to making!

What we would change..