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Project Description (18)

Students will have the opportunity to create an Ozobot track from scratch. In addition, it challenges students to create a story along with the track and give meaning to the codes they use. Students practice telling stories along with learning about "programming" robots.

Recommended Grade 2nd grade

K-2-ETS1-2. Develop a simple sketch, drawing, or physical model to illustrate how the shape of an object helps it function as needed to solve a given problem.


An Ozobot is a tiny robot that helps facilitate learning S.T.E.A.M. concepts and 21st century skills. One of our more popular projects is designing Ozobot tracks. Students work in teams to design tracks that meet specific design criteria. In this case students are tasked with telling a story using their Ozobots.

Learning Outcomes

1. Designing
2. Planning ahead
3. Practicing teamwork
4. Practicing patience
5. Failing-up


-2-3 Ozobots
-Green, red, blue and black markers
-Blank printer paper
-Scotch tape
-Code print-outs

1. Print out the codes (1 per group/table)


1. Introduce the students to the project they will be doing.
2. Break students into groups so they can develop their story and brainstorm their track and what codes they would like to use. Students must use at least 3 codes within their story.
3. Once you approve their idea, provide the supplies
4. Allow the students to spend 20-30 minutes on their tracks
5. If time or desired, allow the students to try each others tracks to see their finished products
6. Gather for a debrief

-Talk about what was easy and what was hard
-Have students compliment each others tracks, look at similarities and differences

Time Estimate: 45-60 minutes


What went well..
Students really enjoyed using their creativity and innovation to create their own track and story for Ozo. We did this project many times and students have a great time creating it.

What we would change...
This project requires students to practice patience so telling your students ahead of time so they can be prepared for failing-up and being patient. Also, spend some time showing student how to correctly draw the Ozobot tracks and codes properly so they have more success than failure during this project.