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Makey Makey




Project Description (17)

During this activity the students will get to learn how to set-up their stations instead of just play with them. This will give students the power to try and figure out how to make it work on their own independently. This will help teach your students to problem-solve and critically think.

Recommended Grade 2nd grade




Learning Outcomes

1. Your student will learn how to set-up a Makey Makey
2. Students will learn how to set up the following stations: Banana and Water Piano, Foil and Play-doh bongos
3. Failing-Up
4. Practicing Patience
5. Practicing Teamwork


1. Makey Makey (1 per table)
2. Laptop/Chromebook (1 per Makey Makey)
3. Play-doh (5)
4. Bananas (5)
5. Dixie cups with water (5)
6. Aluminum foil

Gather all supplies ahead of time


1. Introduce the activity to your students and let them know, that in order to play with the Makey Makey, they need to connect it first!
2. Do a demonstration on how to connect the Makey Makey and connect 1 item. Answer any questions in the process
3. Break the students into 4 groups and send them to their tables
4. Allow them to work on it for 5 minutes without asking questions
5. Give them about 10-15 minutes at their assigned station (if time you may rotate them to try setting up all of them)

1. Talk about what was hard and what was easy
2. See if a student is capable of demonstrating to the class
1. Ask someone to demonstrate how to set it up
2. Talk about what was easy and what was hard

Time Estimation:60-75 minutes


What worked...
The students really enjoyed being able to set-up the Makey Makey on their own and the sense of accomplishment when their group was successful. The students really retained the information and were able to have a strong understanding of the Makey Makey

What didn't work..
The students become frustrated very easily and dependent on figuring it out. It is important to talk about failing-up in this project and practicing patience without giving up.